Natalio Dorfman Liberman

Managing Partner

Lawyer and Master in Political Science from the University of Chile. Postgraduate degree in Constitutional Law and Master’s Degree in Public Law from the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile.

He has extensive experience in administrative regulation. Natalio has been a lawyer for the Legal Division of the Comptroller General of the Republic, Head of the Legal Unit of the Transport and Telecommunications Regional Ministerial Office for the Metropolitan Region and advisor to the Legal-Legislative Division of the Ministry General Secretariat of the Presidency. In the latter he worked on the drafting and processing of various legislative bills, especially those involving labor and social security, public works, transport, telecommunications, foreign relations and electoral politics.

As an expert in Public Affairs, he served as a senior consultant in Imaginaccion Consultants for more than ten years, advising companies in the areas of transport, telecommunications, energy, mining, electrical, port, food, services, regulatory, strategic and crisis management issues, as well as advising different trade unions.

Dorfman has taught pre and postgraduate courses in the Political Science Faculty at the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile.

As an expert in legal regulation on lobbying, he has given lectures in the Law Schools at the University of Chile, Católica Raúl Silva Henríquez University and the Faculty of Communications in the Universidad del Pacífico. In addition, he has published columns in national media.

Ximena Gattas

Managing Partner

Journalist, Bachelor of Social Sciences and Bachelor of Social Communication from the University of Chile.

She has a long professional career and solid experience in internal and external communications, and corporate affairs. Over her career, Ximena has been responsible for developing and implementing communication policies and strategies.

Gattas has extensive knowledge of the internal structures of the media and how it functions, as well as possessing negotiation skills and having a keen eye for content analysis and risk factors.

She has served as head of communications for the Under Secretariat and the Ministry of Interior. She was chief of staff of the Interior Minister, press attaché in Spain and chief of staff of the Undersecretary for the Armed Forces.

Ximena Gattas Beher has worked at Imaginaccion Consultants, in addition to being an advisor to the National Chamber of Laboratories of Chile (Canalab), the producer Cónclave, editor of the Foro 21 Magazine produced by the Chile 21 Foundation and a journalist in important national newspapers such as El Mercurio and La Nación.

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